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The Best Place to Live in California

Pacific View Estates (PVE) is nestled between Malibu to the north and Pacific Palisades village to the south. The Getty Villa lies at the foot of Pacific View Estates, and the community of Sunset Mesa is just west and northwest in an unincorporated area of Los Angeles County.

PVE is truly unique in Southern California. Lot sizes are large, and original home sites were designed for maximum ocean and mountain views. It's an enclave of peace and quiet beauty with naturally wooded hillsides, yet convenient to Santa Monica and West Los Angeles. There is nothing quite like it anywhere.

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Don’t trash your curb appeal

So if you spend all that money on a gardener to keep the front of your property attractive—then why leave your empty trash cans out for days?  Are you waiting for that same gardener to come and take in the empties?  Hey, take them in yourself and get some exercise.

There’s actually an L.A. City ordinance that says, “Trash out after 6 PM Monday, and empty cans removed by 8 PM Tuesday.”  Granted, this is not always possible or practical, but some PVE homeowners have gone to the other extreme.

Please.  Stop uglifying your street, and practice trash etiquette.